We would like to say thank you for the fast quality work you always do for us. The turn around time on our order's are important and you have never failed us. Brotherhood Motorcycle Club | New York

Grizzly Graphics has outstanding turn-around time. Every order is correct. These guys just don't make mistakes! They produce a great product at a great price. Both as a coach and a business man, I would highly recommend Grizzly Graphics for all of your screenprinting and embroidery needs!Regy Thorpe | Rochester Knighthawks GM

For the last three years, we have been giving out t-shirts as awards for our Intramural Champions. We know we are going to get great-looking, quality shirts from Grizzly Graphics, and our students look forward to getting them more and more with each season!Brennan Coon | Intramurals Assistant | Club Sports Coordinator | RIT Center for Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation

The shirts are great. Thanks again for your excellent service!Ami Krieger | English Teacher | Freshman Softball Coach | Ninth Grade Academy